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    CSGO Cheats
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    CSGO Cheats

    5DollarCheats has been providing paid CSGO hacks since late 2015. We were previously selling cheats for other video games but we saw huge potential in Counter Strike Global Offensive community and our head developer is extremely experienced in CS:GO. Therefor we wanted to offer a perfect, low cost, paid hack that our users can download and use to defeat other hacks that are priced a lot higher than ours. 5DollarCheats continues this trend to this day.

    Cheap CSGO Cheats

    At 5DollarCheats we believe in providing high quality, low cost cheats. Cheating in CSGO can be expensive and for what reason? We keep our cheat prices as low as possible to be fair to our users and so that everyone can enjoy our hacks no matter how big or small your budget. We also cater well to people who work full time or study and can only hack at weekends as our low cost pricing is attractive to those users.

    Undetected CS:GO Cheats

    Staying undetected by VAC is very important to you and therefor important to us as well, in fact our security against VAC is some of the strongest you will find in the hacking scene. You can safely use our CS GO hack knowing that your account is safe from VAC and that our developers never stop in the cat and mouse game against VAC. Our hacks have not been involved in any ban waves since early 2017 when we enhanced our security.

    Legit CSGO Cheat

    Our users have often commented that for only $5 our aimbot is insanely good and appears very legit to spectators, this is something that is very important in 2019 as it will keep your account undetected for longer. Many of our features are suited towards a legit cheating play style so you don't get reported by other players or flagged by VACnet. It also means you can hack with your friends without them realizing you hack.

    CSGO Rage Cheat

    Lets say you encounter a hacker who is blatantly cheating on the enemy team, the only way to defend yourself, your team and your honor might be to "rage hack". At 5DollarCheats we know all to well about rage hackers and so we have equipped our paid hack with several rage features to help you defeat enemy hackers. Gone are the days of being helpless to defend yourself against rage hackers using HvH CSGO Hacks.


    Our cheat comes equipped with wall hack for spotting enemies behind walls and a deadly aimbot for automatically targeting enemies with instant timing and perfect precision. We also provide a skin changer, glove changer and knife changer allowing you to change your inventory to anything that CS GO has to offer without owning it for real. As well as this we have many, many other features in our CS GO hack.

  1. CSGO Cheats

    Information such as pricing, features, screenshots and videos can be found here about our CS GO cheat.
    1. CSGO Cheats

      The infamous 5Dollar CSGO cheats. Cheap yet effective and better than many other hacks that cost a lot more.
  2. Cheats

    Everything you need to know about all the cheats available at 5DollarCheats.
    1. Battlefield 1 Cheats

      Our established BF1 Cheats offer that edge over your opponent for only $5!! Our hack has never been detected and is the cheapest way to cheat in Battlefield 1! We often hear that our BF1 wall-hack is the best our users have every experienced in terms of accuracy and optimization.
    2. Battlefield 4 Cheats

      Our Battlefield 4 cheats are the best in class and are packed full of features such as ESP / Wall-hack, Insta-Kill, No Recoil, No Foliage, No Sky, No Sun, No Fog and a Cross-Hair. Try our BF4 hack today, you wont be disappointed as within minutes you can be dominating your opponents on the Battlefield.
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    $5 Cheats provides high quality Counter Strike Global Offensive cheats at unbeatable prices! ESP, Legit Aimbot, Rage Aimbot, Triggerbot and many more features are all included in the cheat and can be toggled on and off via the menu while in game. Our cheat developers ensure 5DollarCheats CS:GO cheat stays undetected from VAC by updating it frequently. After registering, you can purchase our infamous CS GO cheat from the shop and download it instantly!
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