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The infamous 5Dollar CSGO Cheat. Cheap yet effective and better than many other CSGO hacks that cost a lot!. Rank revealer added!


Game : CSGO Cheats
Type : Internal
OS : All Windows Operating Systems (64Bit Only)
Price : $5 / 1 month
Coder : Tony
Current Status : Undetected

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Spectator ESP
This feature will notify you when somebody is spectating you!

Rank Revealer
This feature will reveal enemy ranks!

Glove Changer
You can change your gloves while in game without owning them in your inventory! Perfect for videos and livestreams!

Skin Changer
You can change the skin on your weapon and knife while in game! (dragon-lore etc)

Knife Changer
You can change your knife without owning it in your inventory

Ingame menu
Clickable in-game menu

Glow ESP Wallhack
A glow will show up around enemy players.
Visibility checking.

Chams Wallhack
Better than Glow ESP?!
"The Best ESP ever" - Jme

ESP Wallhack
-Name ESP
-Health ESP
-Item ESP
-Box ESP
-Enemy Health ESP

Shoot through walls!

Destroy everything that moves, even behind you!

Recoil Control System
Recoil reduction while aim-botting.

Aimbot (Weapon Optimized)
Visibility checking
Smooth aim with configurable settings (rage or legit)
Configurable field of view (rage or legit)
Aimbot precisely optimized for:

Your weapon will automatically fire when your crosshair is aimed at your opponents.
Visibility checking
Hitbox triggerbot via custom keybind.

Move faster than FrankieOnPC!
Tick perfect bunnyhop (More optimized than external bunnyhop)

Visual Effects
-No Hands
-Wireframe Hands

No Flash
Hide the effects of Flashbangs!

Anti Screenshot
Cleans your screenshots


Destroy the competition! Destroy other cheaters using established hacks! 5 Dollar Cheats offers the best CSGO cheat at an unbeatable price! Nowhere else will you find deadly silent aim, skin changing, Glow, triggerbot and bunnyhop at such a low price! But that doesn't mean we sacrifice quality, in fact, we are VAC secure and have years of experience with the anti-cheat. Our coders ensure our CSGO cheats stay updated and undetected 24/7. Some of our users claim these are the best CSGO cheats they have ever used, and fairly priced. These are users who have used lots of different CSGO cheats in the community.
Sep 23, 2015
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